You’re Not Alone…

We all have something to hide.
Our desperations, our mistakes, our identity.
Words are not supposed to be swallowed; they are meant to mean something when they are thrown out in the open space between you and the restless soul in front of you. Make them count.
People die. Often without warning.
Say I love you. Say I miss you. Say I hate it. Say what you need to say!
Everybody has regrets. For some it is missing out on telling their loved ones that they are loved, for others it is not taking a chance. But we gotta learn from them and don’t let them be etched in your minds or they WILL eat you up!
Get over it!
BE YOU. Rise.
Insecurities – we all have them. But it is a choice. It is a choice to live with them or let go of them. THAT choice is something you have control over.
Everybody gets hurt… but WHO can hurt you is YOUR choice.Stand up for yourself because you are worth it, damn it!
People WILL love you and see you and respect you only as much as YOU do.
Be proud of your stripes. OWN THEM.
God did not give us each a unique fingerprint so we could use them to do something we hate.
He also didn’t give each the same pair of eyes. We all seek a different dream. Being unique is justified.
Appreciate people around you. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
You are appreciated. You are loved.
Do not for one second think that you are less than anybody else.
You are as good as YOU want yourself to be.
There is someone out there who will fall or has already fallen in love with you. ALL of you.
Love will come. Be patient.
Stand up for yourself!
This world deserves better.
Have a heart!
And follow it. It may be the hardest thing you have ever done, but sometimes… sometimes we are just a leap of faith away from having all of our dreams come true.
YOU are the key. It is only a matter of time till you own up to it.
Cause at the end of the day its not just about us. The world is so much bigger.
It is… Afterall, a pretty world. And it may not be that pretty… but it ain’t that ugly either. We gotta just learn to float the middle of the two storms. And when we lose direction, we must not lose our mind and we must find our way back because… well, because there is always a choice and one should try hard to make sure it’s the right one.
Because sometimes it’s not just about you.

– Miles&Alaska


Old and Golden

Once a handsome, dashing man; Charlie Turner was now old and frail. Gone were the days when he could dance all night at the Officer’s Ball… now all that remained were his arthritic limbs. Gone were the days when his crooked grin would make the hearts of even the most gorgeous ladies flutter… all that remained now were a few crooked teeth. He was once a war hero, was awarded numerous medals; a few by the Queen herself! But now he was just another pensioner, a burden on the Royal Treasury; his name was forgotten, just like the hundred other war heroes who were forgotten. His beautiful wife had passed away a few years ago; all he had to remember her with was an old, sepia-toned wedding album and a whole bunch of sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters. A great grandchild was on the way too! Sometimes he used to think about her, Margaret was her name. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. His children seldom visited him, mostly during the Holiday season. He would dress up as Santa for his grand children and then tell them stories about his years in the Twelfth Regiment of the Royal Artillery. His grand children were his only source of strength, they were the sole reason he woke up in the morning and the sole reason he actually waited for the Holidays to approach. Sometimes, at weddings or funerals, he used to take out his neatly packed Royal Artillery uniform and wear it, along with all his medals of Honour… a reminiscence of his glorious past. Every few days the news of the death another one of his old mates would reach him, but by now he had gotten used to this. Years of service on the Front Line had made him no stranger to Death. He himself knew that someday soon it would be his turn too and he was looking forward to that day. He would embrace death as an old friend just as how he had embraced life. He had no regrets.

– Alaska